Undergraduate studies


In Portugal, a bachelor's degree usually consists of a three-year - six semester - program, however, several courses are longer, such as Law or Medicine.

A regular school year in Portugal is divided into two semesters, Autumn (September-February) and Spring (March-July). Studying in Portugal is rather flexible. If you feel that your studies are not for you, you can apply to another course the next year.


Summer schools

These programs expand your knowledge in specific scientific areas and last up to a month.

You can attend summer schools outside the main scope of your studies.


Should you require to specialise in a determined field, Portuguese universities offer Postgraduate Studies. These programs are diverse, both in duration and academic approach. They are recommended to students or professionals who require further technical and academic education.



A master's degree program in Portugal takes up to 2 years - 4 semesters. The first year consists of regular courses, and the second year focuses on a dissertation.



This is the highest academic degree awarded by Portuguese universities. 

A Ph.D. candidate must submit a project, thesis or dissertation, often consisting of a body of original academic research, which is in principle worthy of publication in a peer-reviewed journal.