The Country

Due to its location in Southwestern Europe, Portugal enjoys a moderate climate, mostly sunny the whole year, with temperatures rarely going below 0º Celsius.

Society is welcoming and open to foreigners and expats, and is internationally known for well receiving guests.

It is a safe country, where streets are secure and people feel safe. In 2017, Portugal ranked number 3, in the Global Peace Index.

Portugal was one of the countries that suffered the most from the 2008 World Crisis. After a period of social and economical changes, the country is now facing a continuous economic growth that you will surely see and feel when you arrive.




Requesting a visa can often become a hindrance for students hoping to study in Portugal. However, we at UniPortugal, have a special offer to help those who require a Student Visa. For more information on applying for a visa and how can we help you, please check here.




Portugal is a moderately cheap country to live, when comparing to other western European countries. In the larger cities such as Lisbon, Porto and Coimbra, students may face higher accommodation prices than in smaller cities. However, housing prices are still below the European average.

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