The Future of Tech in Portugal

Portuguese commitment to innovation and young business is clear. The country aims to foster education and interest in emerging industries. Technology and information industries are a large part of this focus.

There are many opportunities for Portuguese and international students and graduates who want to become involved in the tech industry. Lisbon’s international Web Summit attracts tech giants like Intel and Amazon as well as younger Portuguese companies like Codacy and Kinematix. Opportunities are still growing, especially for women. The 2018 Women in Tech Index ranked Portugal as the country with the best opportunities for women in the tech industry. This ranking is based on how active women are in today’s workforce, the profile of the tech industry in each country, and equality/opportunity.

For a country that emphasizes technology and development so much, it’s no surprise that Portugal is focused on the future of education and business. The Portuguese government and the European Commission have introduced a pilot program to improve digital literacy and make education more sustainable. These reforms could serve as a template for other countries in the EU. Minister of Science, Technology, and Higher Education Manuel Heitor spoke recently at Digital Day 2018 in Brussels about Portugal's ambitions to be a leader in the digital field. To do so, the country is focusing on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

Opportunities are on the rise for students, including international students, in Portugal! Higher education is focused on digital knowledge and the private and public sectors both prioritize technological innovation.

Image via  Barron's .

Image via Barron's.