Growth in Portugal

International students have many factors to keep in mind when deciding where to study abroad, especially the opportunities they’ll have after they graduate. The latest economic reports show Portugal entering a rapid period of growth with the country’s real gross domestic product growing at its highest rate in seventeen years. In 2017, the country’s real GDP grew at the rate of 2.7%, a dramatic increase from 2016’s 1.5% growth. This growth can be attributed to improving economic factors across the eurozone, as well as increased domestic demand.


Earlier this month, Pierre Moscovici, Commissioner for Finance and Economic Affairs, praised Portugal’s “remarkable” growth. In contrast to expert forecasts, Portugal had the best performance within the eurozone between July and September of 2017. The population became more active in the job market as well, with employment increasing at an even faster rate than unemployment decreased. This news suggests an exciting future for the country, and a growing economy that future graduates can play a role in!