International Education

Recently we’ve seen Portugal increase its commitment to international education, including the rising trend of international cooperation academic programs. The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in the United States is a prime example of a university trying to strengthen its partnerships with Portuguese schools. Last month, UMass Dartmouth chancellor Robert E. Johnson visited Portuguese institutions Universidade Católica Portuguesa and Instituto Camões. Johnson reported “I believe there is great potential for new innovative partnerships and outreach both close to home and abroad.” Massachusetts has a large Portuguese-American community and UMass Dartmouth has a Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture and the Ferreira Mendes Portuguese-American Archives. The university participates in some international programs, and if they want to expand them there are many examples!

MIT Portugal launched in 2006, and has the goal of addressing key social issues through engineering education and research. So far, over 900 students from 28 countries have participated. In a recent collaboration with MIT Portugal, researchers at the Universidade de Coimbra developed the technology to increase the lifespan of stem cells used to treat ischemic diseases like heart attack and stroke. The UT Austin Portugal CoLab initiative focuses on Digital Media, Mathematics, Advanced Computing, and Nanotechnology. Carnegie Mellon Portugal offers dual-degree Masters and PhD program, and collaborates with industrial partners like Altice to expand Research & Development in Portugal. Harvard Medical School has a research training program in Portugal as well. As global knowledge becomes a crucial part of education and opportunities for student mobility continue to grow, we predict that more universities will forge international partnerships!