Portugal, the good destination

Europe is comprised of more than 40 countries. The continent is as diverse as its coasts - just take a look at the world map and you will see that the coasts of Europe are all rugged.

At a first glance, Portugal appears quite far from everywhere. Locked at the end of the continent by bigger and better known Spain. :( So sad...

Geographically speaking, why should you go so far away?

"It's so far from France/Germany/UK/Sweden... I cannot travel anywhere..." :(

Think again! Europe is the smallest continent, by area, which means that you can reach the very other side of the continent, in less than four hours! Lisbon and Porto have airports with direct connections to most of European Capitals and other interesting tourist destinations across the continent. Due to Portugal's size and the distribution of Portuguese Universities, it is quite easy to reach an airport, pretty much anywhere, for a low price.

Moreover, the most well known low cost European companies - EasyJet, RyanAir, WizzAir - serve Porto, Lisbon, Faro, Funchal and Terceira Airports, with regular flights to pretty much everywhere in Europe. Check these links to see all the airlines that operate in Porto and Lisbon.

Coming from outside the EU, you'll need a Visa and if you obtain the Schengen Visa, you'll be able to travel around EU, without much ado. ;)

So, even far from the center of Europe, Portugal is in the center of the action!